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All The Colors Eyeshadow Gift Set $3.33 (Usually $10!)

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Here's another terrific score available on last-minute beauty gift sets! Frankly I recommend you keep at least one of these for yourself.

This can be snapped up at Target now through December 19, 2020:

  • We have a 50% off Circle offer good on this gift set, along with a $10 off $30 Circle offer good on ALL beauty & personal care items. You'll need to add both offers to your Circle app BEFORE you start shopping.

  • Note the 50% Circle offer will be applied to your order FIRST, dropping your price below the $30 minimum to use the $10 off $30. That means you need to do more shopping to hit your $30 minimum!

  • Better Not Pout Lip Gloss Gift Set -- 15-count packs also priced at $10 each, and also comes with a 50% off Circle offer.

  • Buy three of each gift set for a pre-coupon price of $60.

  • At checkout, have the cashier scan your Circle barcode on your Target app to use both 50% off offers PLUS the $10 off $30 offer.

  • Your new price drops to $20 for all six gift sets, or only $3.33 each!

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!
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