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Save $5 Off New CleanKey Gadget!

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I am snagging one of these for myself for sure!

Now through May 3, 2020, we can grab a CleanKey for just $19.99, well below its usual $24.99 retail price! (Honestly, Facebook has been showing me these for $35 on my feed, but apparently $24.99 is what it normally retails for.)

The CleanKey™ is a brand new product that reduces point-of-contact area by over 99%, limiting unnecessary exposure and transmission of germs. CleanKey is also made from a high-quality copper alloy, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria within 2 hours! (Copper is also useful because it's less likely to shock you when you use it on metal.)

You can use it on checkpads (seen above), at ATMs, on elevator buttons, on keypads for gated communities -- basically anywhere you don't want to touch directly with your bare skin.

Then just use a sanitizer wipe to clean it off and you stay safe and healthy!

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