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Pump Gas For Less Through GetUpside!

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Still looking for ways to save at the pump this summer?

Gas prices are slowly starting to drift down a bit from their $4+ a gallon high we hit in early March, but I think it's reasonable to assume we'll all be paying more than we'd like to get from point A to B for the rest of 2022.

That means now is the perfect time to download the free GetUpside app on your phone!

GetUpside is a free cash back app that users can earn up to 25¢/gallon cash back on gas. That can add up quickly!

For example, my Volvo has a moderately-sized 16 gallon gas tank, so I could be saving up to $4 on each fill-up just using this app. If you drive a truck or a SUV with a larger gas tank, your cash back may grow even faster.

Plus, you can use code AFF20 to earn an additional bonus on your first fill-up using GetUpside -- which boosts your cash back up to $0.45/gal in savings on your first receipt!

You can then pull your cash back out of the app into your Paypal account, your bank account if you link it, or put your rebate earnings onto a digital gift card.

Just tap this pic below to learn how the app works and find participating gas stations!

GetUpside has been available for iPhone and Android users for several years -- I found this story of a Baltimore driver who earned $900 back on his gas purchases over the past two years -- but it definitely makes sense to start using it now if you haven't been already.

And in addition to saving at gas stations, you can also save up to 45% cash back at participating restaurants and in some areas, up to 30% cash back at participating grocery stores!

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!
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