• Jennifer King

Free Coupon Classes October 2022!

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I'm teaming up with my friend, coupon guru Brenda Anz, to host our final series of FREE coupon classes here in San Antonio in October 2022!

This class is directed at brand-new and still-learning couponers, especially folks worried about dealing with rising inflation at the grocery store this fall and winter. We'll cover basic concepts like where to get coupons cheaply, which coupon and rebate apps to use, plus our favorite tips and trick to save big at HEB!

You can choose from one of two in person classes here in San Antonio, or you can sign up for our online version of the class later on in the month. Typically the class lasts around 75 to 80 minutes.

Please note that we don't have child care for the in-person classes, so kids under 10 won't be able to attend.

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