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Heads-Up For Tide, Bounty, & Charmin Fans!

This post may include affiliate links.  Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

Great news for HEB shoppers -- we have a new P&G Savings Roundup kicking off in stores starting Wednesday, June 23!

Between June 23 - July 6, 2021 , HEB shoppers will have a $4 off basket coupon good in the HEB mobile app to use on transactions that include at least $25 of P&G products.

The coupon will be applied to any NON-P&G items on your transaction. So that means you'll need to purchase at least $30 worth of product -- $25 worth of P&G product, and then $5 of non-P&G items that the coupon can apply to. This coupon is also limit one coupon per app.

If you're not familiar with these kinds of Savings Offers -- they are pretty new! -- here are some extra tips for you:

  • For this promotion, only SELECT brands by Proctor & Gamble are included. It looks like this one emphasizes paper, laundry, and cleaning products, but personal care brands are NOT included. So think Tide, Gain, Charmin, and Bounty, but not Crest, Pampers, or Pantene!

  • We CAN use digital coupons, yellow coupons, newspaper coupons, or printable coupons to purchase our P&G items.  That $25 in P&G products is BEFORE tax and coupons, not after coupons. I recommend going into your HEB app now and searching by category (specifically Personal Care) to see what's available. Per the June 23 HEB ad, it looks like there will be some nice basket coupons to use -- like the popular $5 off $25 Tide offer is returning! That means you can use both coupons together to save a combined $9 off your laundry care items. You can also snag printable coupons by joining the free P&G Good Everyday program.

  • We CAN also use coupons on the non-P&G items in our transaction. Since this Savings Offer is a basket coupon, it comes off the top of the transaction. That means we can apply manufacturer coupons to individual items in our purchase.

  • Remember that newspaper P&G coupons are now limited to like two coupons OR LESS per transaction.  So we are definitely going to need to mix and match our scenarios way more than we have in the past!

  • Using HEB yellow coupons can be tricky, because the register reads them as a price adjustment, not an actual coupon.  So you'll need to take that into account while doing your math. I have had good luck waiting until the cashier hits TOTAL, then passing over all my coupons.   NOTE: Historically, we have some very nice piggyback deals as part of these offers.  So if you're not aware of the rules around piggybacking (or even what it is), now is also the time to get up to speed on that -- go here for more information!

  • Don't assume the HEB coupons will be your best deal.  The HEB yellow coupons can be useful (especially for health care items), but they aren't always the highest-value coupons available for any particular brand.  So be sure to do your research before you head out to the store!  Feel free to use my coupon database over on my Spend Less, Shop More blog to track down coupons.

If you're an experienced HEB couponer, what other tips can you share?  And if you're new to Savings Offers at HEB, what questions do you have?   Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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