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I Can Read! Books 50% Off Right Now!

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WOW the I Can Read! book club has a terrific deal right now for chapter readers!

You can currently score your child FIVE I Can Read! books for 50% off plus free shipping and handling.

I Can Read! books are usually at least $4.99 apiece if you buy them at a bookstore, so I think that's a terrific value. Plus at five each month, you'll build up a home library very quickly!

If you wish to continue receiving shipments from the I Can Read! Book Club, do nothing. Starting in about two weeks, and every month thereafter, you will receive five paperback books from the I Can Read! Book Club for $24.95 shipped, charged to the credit card that you provided.

There is never an obligation to purchase additional books, and you may cancel at any time.

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!
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