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Marco's Pizza Taste Test & Review!

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"You can't buy happiness. But you can buy pizza, and that's kind of the same thing."

- Anonymous

This pearl of wisdom feels particularly true when eating a Marco’s Pizza. I admit I was skeptical when the signage went up for the newest San Antonio area Marco’s in Universal City.

It looked a little kitschy and reminiscent of Peter Piper’s (no offense intended, but they counted the pepperoni… just saying).

My first pizza from Marco’s was the Pepperoni Magnifico. It was truly magnifico!

The sauce was a perfect balance of sweet with hints of spice. The pizza was peppered with cupping pepperoni and Marco’s freshly grated proprietary three-cheese blend (if I had to guess... mozzarella, asiago, and romano).

Holding all of these fantastic toppings up was a buttery (not oily) dough. The Marco’s dough is made fresh daily in the stores, and this attention to quality shines through as one of the best “take-out” pizza doughs I have had.

So, Marco’s knows pizza, but how is the service and pricing? Hint: also Magnifico!

Marco’s loyalty program is stellar. You begin to get rewards on your first visit in the form of free Marco’s famous Cheezybread.

In addition, discount codes for 30% off your order are sent to your inbox on the regular, and are good for dine-in, carry-out, and delivery. Make sure you sign up here before you order!

The extra large (12 slice) Pepperoni Magnifico is $19.99. This pizza will serve three to four adults, or two adults with leftovers… or no leftovers (I never judge). You can also opt to “build your own” pizza with prices starting as low as $12.99 for the extra large cheese pizza.

Keep in mind, Marco’s is not a one trick pony, and offers several non-pizza options as well.

I have enjoyed the free Cheezybread and regular chicken caesar salad (serves 2), and was every bit as pleased with the quality and freshness of the salad as I was with the pizza.

I have not personally indulged in Marco’s pizza bowls (think pizza without the crust), but the online review community swears the bowls are phenomenal whether you’re looking for a low-carb option, or just have a craving for something different. The bowls serve two (or one… again I never judge), and cost $7.99.

It goes without saying, I have been pleasantly surprised by Marco’s Pizza. With its fresh ingredients, focus on quality, and flexible pricing, the chain is a welcome addition to the San Antonio pizza scene.

Heather McVea is a best-selling author of urban fantasy books, including a 5-book paranormal series set in San Antonio, Texas! Check out more of her work at

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