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HEB Chicken Cobb Salad 50 Cents (Save $3.50!)

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Open your HEB mobile app and check to see if you have a new coupon good for up to $3.50 off HEB Meal Simple items!

It's good for a single use per app and is valid through August 1, 2022.

This is a Special Offer coupon, which means the value may vary from app to app.

And you DO need to be signed up for Special Offers to receive these in the first place! If you're not sure if you're signed up, open your HEB app, tap Account, then tap Communications.

The following screen will show you a 'Promotions and announcements' tab, which needs to be turned on so HEB knows you're interested in receiving these additional coupons via email and/or text.

So if you were lucky enough to receive the $3.50 off version of the coupon, here's a deal to consider:

  • HEB Meal Simple Chicken Cobb Salad -- the small 12.5 oz variety is priced at $4.

  • Enter your digital app info at checkout to use your $3.50 off coupon.

  • Your salad is just 50 cents!

Other cheap deals you could get would be a strawberry & granola overnight oats bowl (usually $3.50) or a 2-pack of egg bites (usually also $4.)

Even if you only received the $2 version of the coupon, these would all be at least 50% off or better! *happy dance*

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!
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