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Velvet Hangers Just $6 Per 14-Pack

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Head over to the Deal Genius site through May 18, 2020 to grab a 14-pack of black velvet hangers for just $6 each (normally $14 per pack.) That's a 57% savings off regular retail -- and works out to only 43 cents per hanger!

I bought a bunch of these earlier this year when I was reorganizing my closet and spent 48 cents per hanger (which I thought was quite a good deal at the time.) But this price is even better!

The velvet prevents clothes from slipping, and the slim profile of the hanger takes up less space. That had been important to me because I prefer to have as many clothes hung up as possible -- I tend to make messes of folded clothes very very quickly for some reason.

These hangers also have slight notches on them, so you can use them for tank tops or spaghetti-strap dresses without fear that they'll slide off.

Remember that Deal Genius offers a flat rate shipping of $5, or free shipping with orders of $29 or more. So it might be worthwhile to grab a few packs, or else browse around and see what else is available on the site. (For example, it looks like their hand sanitizer score is back!)

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