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Mi Tienda Chicken Thighs $1 Per Pack (Usually $5!)

This post may include affiliate links. Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

Go check your HEB mobile app for a POSSIBLE $4 off your basket coupon when you spend $4 or more on select fajita or taco meats, including Mi Tienda, HEB, Flaming Bird, or Hill Country Fare brands!

This coupon is good for a single use per app and is valid through September 28, 2021.

And if you happen to have received it (not all apps did), it's perfect timing since Mi Tienda is the Meal Deal through September 14!

So here's a scenario to consider:

  • Mi Tienda Seasoned Diced Chicken Thighs -- packages priced at $5 each, with yellow coupons available in stores for free sour cream, pinto beans, tortillas, and coconut water when you buy two packs of chicken thighs!

  • Mi Tienda Sour Cream -- priced at $1.58 per tub.

  • Mi Tienda Pinto Beans -- priced at $1.99 per pack.

  • Mi Tienda Ready To Cook Flour Tortillas -- 20-count packs priced at $1.98 each.

  • Mi Tienda Coconut Water -- priced at 99 cents per can.

  • Buy two packs of chicken thighs, and one each of everything else listed. All six items will ring in at a pre-coupon price of $16.54.

  • Enter your digital app info at checkout to use your $4 basket coupon. That will take your total down to $12.54 for all six items.

  • Next, use the yellow coupons found in store to get your sour cream, pinto beans, tortillas, and coconut water for free.

  • Your final price drops to $6 for all six items, or only $1 per item!

If you didn't receive this coupon, it's possible you don't have Special Offers turned on in your HEB app. Go to Account ---> Communication ---> Promotions and Announcements and make sure the button is set to blue. That gives HEB the approval to send you exclusive coupons. Now, it's also totally possible that you have Special Offers turned on and still didn't get the coupon! But you won't even have a shot at receiving coupons like this if that button isn't set up correctly.

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!
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