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Which National Retailers Now Require Masks?

This post includes affiliate links, and I'll earn a commission if you shop through the links on this page.  Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

While those of us who live in Texas have been getting used to wearing our masks in public, it looks like many major retailers are implementing mask mandates nationally as well.

Here's a list of retailers that are now requiring face masks to visit their stores, courtesy of Fox32Chicago:

  • Apple

  • Best Buy -- the chain says it will provide a face mask if the customer arrives without one. Shoppers can also make use of the website for home delivery or contactless curbside pickup. I personally used their curbside pickup service to buy printer ink back in April and had a great experience!

  • Costco

  • CVS -- beginning July 20, 2020 nationally

  • Dollar Tree

  • Kohl's -- this is for inside the store only, as Kohl's is currently providing limited contact drive-up pickup options for shoppers who order online and pick up locally.

  • Lowe's -- beginning July 20, 2020 nationally

  • Publix

  • Sam's Club

  • Starbucks

  • Target -- beginning August 1, 2020 nationally

  • Trader Joes

  • Walmart -- beginning July 20, 2020 nationally

  • Whole Foods -- however, the chain will have masks at the entrance of all stores for customers who do not have their own face covering already.

If you're not well-stocked on masks at home yet, it looks like That Daily Deal is still offering a free KN95 mask to customers, plus deeply discounted deals on disposable masks. Go here for details.

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