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Shipt Needs Experienced Shoppers!

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Looking to get paid for your grocery game??

Swing over here and apply to become a new Shipt shopper!

If you're not familiar with the service, Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace, enabling delivery of fresh foods and household essentials.

I personally use it on weeks that I'm not actively couponing or don't feel like going to the store -- it saves me quite a bit of money that I might otherwise drop on impulse purchases!   I also find that it helps me to meal plan, which is something I've struggled with in the past. And of course, in these uncertain times, Shipt shoppers offer their community a tremendous service, by allowing folks who are elderly, immunocompromised or just plain overwhelmed at chance to stay out of the grocery stores.

According to Shipt, shoppers get paid weekly, and experienced shoppers can earn up to $22 per hour -- not bad for a side hustle if you ask me.

And I would say couponers who know every aisle of their local grocery stores would for sure consider themselves experienced shoppers!

Plus it looks like Shipt shoppers also score free memberships for themselves, which is a nice extra bonus.  I've also heard that Shipt shoppers can keep any catalina coupons that print at checkout!

Requirements for Shipt shoppers include: a valid U.S. driver's license and auto insurance, a reliable vehicle, 1997 or newer, knowledge of produce selection, the ability to lift 40 pounds, and having a relatively up-to-date phone -- either a iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer.)

You do also have to live in a zip code that Shipt is currently operating in.

Interested in earning some extra cash??  Get started here. Already a Shipt shopper or user? Leave your tips for new shoppers below!

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