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Should I Stockpile This? 4 Ways To Know When To Buy In Bulk

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Any couponer can tell you the thrill of a successful couponing score is intoxicating. But you don't need to chase every grocery deal you see on your social media feed -- that's a fast track to wasting both time and money (not to mention junking up your house!)

However, in these socially distanced times, sometimes it really makes sense to buy in bulk when you can. It can cut down trips to the store and even help improve your environmental footprint. But how do you know which deals are actually worth it for you and your family?

Here are four quick questions to ask yourself BEFORE you chase down a deal.

Do I need it?

If you're already well-stocked on hair care, it's okay to walk past that 90% off sale on shampoo and conditioner -- really!

This is easier said than done, I know. For example, free toothpaste is one of the most consistent couponing scores to find, so my family always has at least five boxes on hand. And yet, I still somehow find myself contemplating a quick run to get more every time it rolls back around. It's worth reminding yourself that cash isn't the only thing you're spending in this scenario -- you're also investing your gas and your time.

On the other hand, free toothpaste makes for a great donation to food banks, church pantries, or shelters! You just have to build that extra step into your schedule before you hit the store.

Do I use it?

This is the question I often forget to ask myself, and it costs me everytime. Yes, that might be a terrific price on oatmeal, but if you're not a breakfast person, that deal just isn't for you. Are you REALLY going to get up 15 minutes earlier each day to eat it...or are you going to let it expire on your shelf and have to shamefully throw it out years later? (Actual example from my own life, by the way.)

If you really can't stand passing up the deal, take a quick pic of it and post it on social media. Someone you know will be thrilled to go snag it in your stead, and you'll still feel like you hit the jackpot.

Do I love it?

Don't buy a new product in bulk before you've even tried it, no matter how good the deal is. Who knows -- you might not like the flavor, or someone in your family could be allergic to an ingredient, and then you're left trying to return or unload a large amount of product.

If you can, grab ONE item when it's on sale and plan to taste-test it immediately. That way, you have time to go back and load up if it's a hit with your family before the sale expires.

Can I store it?

This is a super important question to answer before you fill up your car trunk with clearance product. If you don't have a spot to neatly store your score, you'll just be adding extra stress to your household (trust me, family members get cranky when you try to stash couponing hauls under their beds.)

Plus, chances are good you'll forget what you've hidden away and wind up repurchasing similar items later on.

If storage space is at a premium in your house already, it might be time to declutter and maybe even make some cash from stuff you're not using. That way, you clear space to make way for your beautiful couponing finds!

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