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3 Easy Organizing Tips For Summer!

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Summer -- which lasts approximately eight months long here in South Texas -- can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors by mastering your green thumb abilities in your home garden or landscaping. Organizing your home for summer is a crucial step to take before jumping in to all the activities you can enjoy in the summertime. Preparing your home for summer can save you time and stress for the duration of the season and can make for a more pleasant experience for all the things you weren’t able to do during the colder seasons.

Need more tips and hacks to help stay organized? Go here for some easy to start suggestions!

Organize Your Clothes

Regardless of how much closet space you have or how much storage you have for your clothes, anyone can have a well-organized wardrobe suitable for summer clothing. The first step in organizing your clothes is to put away all your winter apparel.

(And even though it's already August, this is still worth doing -- here in San Antonio, it doesn't usually get cold enough for winter wear until January.)

First things first: If you won't wear those winter clothes again AND they're clean and in good condition, consider selling them on ThredUP! That's an easy way to earn a little bit of extra cash that you can then use towards your organizing goals. Grab a FREE Clean Out Kit + $10 to shop on ThredUP here.

Once you've decided what you're keeping: Sweaters, long pants and long sleeve shirts should be neatly packed, stored or pushed farther back into your closet to make room for your summer clothes. A great organizing tool for clothes is the Space Bag. Space Bags neatly store clothes, heavy comforters and even pillows by using clear see-through bags that are vacuum sealed to compact into small, store-able units. This is a great tool for people with limited space or storage.

Winter boots and other colder season shoes should be stored or tucked farther back to make room for your summer shoes and flip flops. Easy access to summer shoes is essential in making summer dressing more convenient for on-the-go errands or simply dressing for the weather.

Organize For Outdoor Use

Garages and tool sheds can be filled with all types of things needed for home use. Organizing this area can mean the difference between walking into a clutter-filled mess and walking into a neatly categorized space. Organizing for summer means keeping necessary summer equipment in the forefront like lawn mowers, weed whackers and gardening tools.

The best part of summer is the ability to enjoy the outdoors, so it’s important to prep your outdoor areas for heavy summer use. This can mean doing away with the bulky all-weather outdoor cushions, freshening up outdoor furniture and bringing out the summer patio and backyard necessities. This simple step will help to ensure a stress free summer with little upkeep if organized correctly in the beginning of the season.

Organize Home Furnishings

With the change of a new season, comes a variety of different changes in home furnishings and accessories. The kitchen cupboards will undoubtedly be filled with previous seasons like snowman mugs and holiday accessories. These should be moved to make way for summertime favorites like lemonade pitchers, festive summer drinkware and outdoor friendly dishware.

Don't forget to clean your kitchen cupboards and countertops as well! Grab a FREE DIY cleaners e-book for easy solutions now that some popular cleaning supplies are hard to come by.

Sheets and comforters should also be changed for the summer season. Store away the heavy comforters, down blankets and bed covers and brighten up bedrooms with light and cheery colors with minimal thickness for hot summer nights.

Organizing your house for summer doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process like an entire spring cleaning. However, the minimal time that it takes to do a quick overhaul for the summer season will save you a huge amount of time, effort and stress for the duration of the season. It will help you save time in all the activities in summer and it will transform the home to make it summer-friendly.

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