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Ten Ways To Cut Costs On School Supplies For 2023!

This post includes affiliate links, and I'll earn a commission if you shop through the links on this page. Go here to see my full disclosure policy! Back to school season is just around the corner -- and parents all know this is an especially expensive time of year! Here are 10 easy tips to help you save money on pens, pencils, notebooks, and all the necessities your kids will need for the 2023 school year:

Ten Simple Tricks To Saving On School Supplies in 2023

  1. Make a list: Before you go shopping, make a list of the essential supplies you need. Most school districts will have these available for parents on the school website, so you won't need to start from scratch. Stick to the list to avoid impulse purchases.

  2. Check what you already have: Take an inventory of the supplies you already have at home. You might find items like pens, pencils, rulers, or calculators that can be reused for the upcoming school year.

  3. Shop during sales and discounts: Keep an eye out for sales, promotions, and discounts at various stores. Back-to-school sales and events often offer significant discounts on school supplies. Compare prices at different stores to find the best deals. For Texans, Texas Tax Free weekend is a terrific time to knock out a good chunk or even all of your shopping. This year, Texas Tax Free runs August 11 - 13, 2023 -- go here to see what's included!

  4. Use coupons and promo codes: Look for coupons and promo codes online or in newspapers. These can help you save money when buying school supplies. Many retailers also offer digital coupons that you can access through their websites or apps. Need a class to get started? We've got FREE classes for San Antonio shoppers on July 15 and July 18, 2023.

  5. Buy in bulk: Consider buying supplies in bulk, especially for items that you know you'll need throughout the school year. Bulk purchases often have lower unit prices, resulting in long-term savings.

  6. Opt for generic brands: Branded school supplies tend to be more expensive than generic alternatives. Compare the quality and price of generic products to make informed decisions. In many cases, generic items will serve the purpose just as well.

  7. Shop at discount or dollar stores: Discount stores and dollar stores often have a wide range of school supplies at lower prices. Explore these stores for deals on items like notebooks, folders, and art supplies. I especially like Dollar Tree!

  8. Consider secondhand options: Look for secondhand stores, online marketplaces, or community groups where people sell or give away used school supplies. Items such as backpacks, textbooks, or calculators can often be found at reduced prices.

  9. Share supplies with friends or siblings: If you have siblings or friends attending the same school, consider sharing supplies like binders, folders, or textbooks. This way, you can split the cost and save money.

  10. Take care of your supplies: Properly maintain and organize your school supplies to ensure they last longer. Use protective covers for textbooks, store pens and pencils in a case to prevent loss, and use durable backpacks to avoid frequent replacements.

Remember, saving money on school supplies requires planning and being mindful of your spending. By following these tips, you can effectively manage your expenses while still obtaining your kids their necessary supplies for school.

Need coupons? If you live in the San Antonio metro area, you can go here for a discount newspaper subscription and get them delivered for CHEAP each Sunday!

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