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CVS Quarterly Extra Bucks Arrive!

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It's the start of a new quarter at CVS October 1, 2020 -- which means our quarterly Extra Bucks will be available today, either to print at the CVS Coupon Center, on your CVS mobile app or online!

If you're new to shopping at CVS, you might not be aware that you actually earn credit on virtually everything you buy there when you show your Extra Care card.  

Basically, your purchase totals are tracked each quarter, and then you get 2% back of whatever you spent after coupons in the form of Extra Bucks!

I think personally the easiest thing to do is just to check my CVS mobile app, which provides me an option to send the Extra Bucks straight to my card.

I usually only score $1 or $2 in free Extra Bucks each quarter -- not because I don't shop at CVS, but because I can spend so little there out of pocket after coupons.  

And you can really make even a couple of free dollars stretch when stacked with sales and coupons. For example, Pantene is 34 cents per bottle after all savings right now -- so even cheaper with your Quarterly Extra Bucks!

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