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New SavingStar Rebates: Yoplait, Cheerios, & More!

This post may include affiliate links.  Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

We have a whopping $25 worth of new rebates to grab over on the SavingStar app today!

If you're new to the SavingStar app, I have more info about how to use it here. Rebates can be applied to receipts from a variety of stores, including HEB, Walmart, CVS, Target, and Dollar General.

If you already have the app on your phone, remember you need to add the individual rebates BEFORE you buy the items in most instances!

Also, keep in mind that redemption limits vary from brand to brand -- so if you see something you're interested in, I would add it right away so it doesn't hit its limit and disappear on you.

Each rebate can be completed once per app. So if you have a larger family, you might consider adding SavingStar to each smartphone in the house!

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