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Top 10 School Supply Scores This Week!

This post may include affiliate links.  Go here to see my full disclosure policy!

Regardless of whether your kids are attending online, in-person, or a yet-to-be-determined mixture of both, chances are good you still need to snag some CHEAP school supplies for the upcoming fall and winter sessions!

Here are my picks for the top 10 school supply scores available in stores August 23 - 29 to help you decide where to shop. Prices start as low as 15 cents per item, and the vast majority of items are under $1 apiece.

These offers are all in-store only for right now; if I track down additional offers online, I will post those independently.

NOTE: These are deals available at the national chains only. I have HEB scores listed separately -- you can see those here, and teachers can go here to snag a 15% off school supply coupon!

Other current online scores:

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